Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving to the Claw

So me and the fam will be moving the Claw in a couple weeks and we are stoked. I am trying to find some suckers to buy my Plymouth minivan and my Pontiac minivan. I guess I bought them in the first place, so there must be at least one more sucker out there to buy them from me. Anyways, I am still waiting for someone from the church to call me and let me know if they want me to lead their YG. If they do, that would be awesome. My other job is trying to open another location in the Claw in which I would be leading as well. So if this all works out then we will be in the Claw for more than just living, work as well.

It seems like everything is going in a positive direction, that is why I feel pessimistic towards everything. It seems like when everything goes well there is always something that goes wrong to ruin the hopes that we have. I just want everything to go well so that my family will have more and we can prosper. That is all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My wife sleeps like a bear!

You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but my wife snores like a logger! It's incredible the kind of noise she makes. Not only does she snore, but she grinds her teeth! Uhhh! It makes me cringe. It's kinda weird to think that in a few minutes, I will be sleeping next to her and I will be snoring too. I know I don't grind my teeth though. I don't know how she still has teeth in her mouth, seriously! Anyways, tomorrow me and the little logger will be going to P-town to have a little vacation of our very own. The kids will be at g-ma's and we will be all alone. It's freaky thinking about being alone the whole time. No kids, no responsibility, shoot, maybe I will break the law....nah.

So these blog things are kinda fun. I guess you're supposed to "write" in them all the time. I think my blog won't be about anything important, just run of the mill kinda stuff. Welcome to my pathetic life, I hope you enjoy the things to come.